The Cairns Show Wine Awards

bottle_home_pageThe Cairns Show Wine Awards has become a feature on the Australian Wine Industry Calendar in June each year. The Awards which focus attention on wine style, appropriate foods, and wine quality, are especially important in the far north of Australia with its strong tourism and hospitality industry. Absolute insistence upon internationally recognised judging criteria and highly-trained judges has brought credibility to the Cairns event. The Credibility of the event, recognised nationally within the industry is highlighted by the calibre of judges attracted to the event.

The focus of the show is not only to award Trophies and Medals to exceptional wines but also to promote the show in the local wine market and assist wineries with exposure in the region. After judging has finished the public are invited to attend our Public Tasting. Our aim is to educate the public, with wine appreciation workshops held throughout the day for those who wish to discover more about the industry.

The annual Cairns Show Wine Awards are unique in many aspects, and is highly a highly recognised competition on the Australian wine calendar.

Our Mission Statement: To examine Wine Quality and Style in the context of a tropical location.

Wine Awards News

Public Tasting

20th of June 2015

After judging has finished the public are invited to attend our annual public tasting.